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Cheap International Calls

So, calling abroad is really expensive, right? Well, a few years ago it used to always be really expensive to make an international call. In terms of real money, the price of phone calls has been falling for a long time; however, changes in the telecommunications markets means that in the last few years the cost of calling has really started to fall.

Understand your calling habits

The first thing you need to do is work how much you are paying for your international calls, more of less how much you are calling and where you are calling. Once you have worked this out you will be in the best position to work out what alternate calling methods might save you some money. In the rest of this article we make some

Get cheaper service from your current provider

Many phone companies provide special deals for people who call a lot to one destination. For instance you might pay a fixed cost each month and get a per minute cost a lot lower than normal. Find out what's on offer as it is sometimes surprising how much money you can save just by changing your calling plan.

Use a calling card or virtual calling credit

Calling cards are usually the cheapest way to make international calls from almost every country to every country. they Click here to find out more about prepaid cards, or click here to compare calling card rates and buy online.

Use a direct dial service

There are some services that take advantage of special tarif phone numbers to permit a call through them to make an international connection. These numbers cost more than a regular phone call, but less than the normal international cost.

Click here to see an example of this type of service with this direct dial service from Spain

Use a computer

If the person you are calling has a computer, fast Internet connection and can install some software, then you might be able to use a VoIP (Voice over IP) service such as Skype. Disadvantages include bad call quality and software problems. As connectvity improves, this is more of a viable option, but in many situations is a poor substitute for a standard phone call.


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